gluten-free healing ala GAPS, paleo and nourishing traditions

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Once upon a time there was a girl who embarked upon a journey of healing. Not too far into it she started the anti-candida diet. And then after one smashing success of a week, some monthly hormones started kicking in and since then she has been eating carbohydrates non-stop… d’oh! There may or may not have been handfuls of chocolate chips at a time. :)

But I talked with Dr K on skype this morning, and she was nothing but helpful, encouraging… reminding me that this will build up my immune system, which can then beat the staph, kick the yeast out, get rid of the infection on my skin, and that it isn’t leading to a lifetime of deprivation, but of freedom.

It’s clear to see that Ezra’s little system handles life better this way as well. So obviously I need to remember that and make the right decisions for him. She also explained that once our immune systems have had a chance to take a break from fighting that stuff for so long, and be built up again, you can introduce things back again and see how it goes.

Sooo… we’re back on the wagon. Come aboard if you like!!


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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Fail

“Oh hi elle. Um, why is your hair really stringy and not moving? It kind of looks like you just took a shower but it’s dry and greasy at the same time? Okay, I really better to go now….”

Oh hi “friend” why are you so mean and judging the fact that this stringy hair effect I have going on is causing my hair to look like I have a mullet? Yeah I have to go too, I’m really busy right now.

You might be thinking that my hair in the picture isn’t so bad. But what this photo fails to capture is that it looks exactly like that even now as I turn my head side to side. It’s not moving people! Whaatt??!

I’m not sure if you know this or how you will feel about it, but I haven’t used shampoo in two and a half years. Current incident excluded, being “no-poo” as some call it, has been fabulously successful for me. It makes me feel empowered. Like, stick it, man! Like, I don’t have to endlessly buy your stuff with weird chemicals and have it strip the natural oils from my hair therefore getting rid of my own body’s ability to regulate oil production. Like, what did people do before shampoo anyway?

Annnyyyywayyyy…… I only mention the no-poo now as a precursor to why I’d even try coconut oil as a conditioning treatment on a whim in the first place. Which is to say: there are clearly some marbles loose. Yes, the whole Indian subcontinent has practiced this for thousands of years, but have you seen my hair? It lacks my Indian counterparts thick lustrous capacity I envy. Long story short, I randomly threw some coconut oil on my hair in the shower the other night, got grossed out by how greasy it felt, washed it out again and went to bed. Upon waking, I could no longer recognize my hair. It was greasy, stringy and oddly static-y? Meanwhile I hadn’t applied it to the top of my head in what at the time seemed like a great move to make everything work. Dry poufy roots + long greasy strings of hair? =MULLET.

In attempt to save it, I have for the last two days poured on the dry shampoo by the bottle.

And that’s how I got to where I am today and had the kids at kindergarten touch my hair out of concern.