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Meal Plan! (gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-candida)

Okay, can’t lie: pretty proud of myself for making this! Sometimes I just have major meal-plan brain freeze. It’s a lot of work! Hopefully this will make it easy to eat this week. Honestly, this is food we all really like! But if it’s not planned out, we definitely reach for grains and dairy. Which wouldn’t be so wrong, but I was able to meet with a naturopath dr last week, and she laid it out: I have a yeast infection that won’t go away and my kids and I possibly have some food allergies. I was really scared, but now that I’ve laid it all out I think I can do it.

Here’s to a nutritious week!

recipes can be found here:

CF Dutch Babies
Smoky bacon chili
Pumpkin Muffins 
Roasted veggie frittata
Indian spiced zucchini fritters
Coconut chicken
Italian Meatballs
roasted broccoli/bacon
Gaps, DF pizza
Whipped coconut cream w berries
Coconut milk smoothies
Coconut cereal

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Meal Plan 9.24.12 + Pictures! And The 3 Amigos!

This is a picture of our menu plan this week.20120924-105547.jpgUm, if you can’t tell, this week’s menu plan isn’t quite up to par with one of my first weekly menu plans. Ha!  I ended up with a free moment at a nearby grocery story, but without my planning in place yet, and the last of our cash for this week’s budget. So I got some stuff and hoped it would work out. And if you don’t count the fact that my kids will probably want me to give them some food on Friday and the weekend, it probably should! It’s such a lame menu plan that I won’t bother posting it.

Buttt….. one thing I am still attempting to do for our whole fam is “nourish vs cleanse.” Continue reading

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Meal Plan 9.17.12

Ouch. This weekend hurt. We were cruising along so happily on the GF wagon and then life happened and I was about ready to bail off completely. I was kind of pretending like I wasn’t bailing, like ho hum oh there’s a bump, am I falling? Oh I guess I’m just falling off, go ahead, go on without us, we’ll be fine here! But in my heart it was a full on bail.

But, thankful thursday!, some friends 100% saved us. KL and JT I don’t know what I would’ve done without you this weekend. Thank you thank you.

I dragged myself home and instead of laying on the couch in a daze, miraculously I got up and started making a version of these quinoa egg cups for breakfast tomorrow. And then that gave me enough strength to boil some eggs for snacks tomorrow. It’s the little things. And then I had some time waiting for those, so I’m going for it and putting a meal plan post out there! Holla! Gluten-free PLAYA.

I’ve learned from the last several meal plans that lunch is still a pretty throw-it-together kind of affair, so I’m just posting dinners for this week. Ready to be wowed? Oh you are? Oops, you might be in the wrong place. :)

Monday: We have mucho tomatoes from our garden, so this fresh take on tomato soup that I’ll adapt to be GF.
Tuesday: More thankfulness: a new york strip loin roast that was given to us by the amazing KLs. That I will hopefully not ruin! If you have any preparation tips, please pass them on!
Wednesday: Chicken chili, hopefully nourishing with homemade chicken broth and sprouted beans.
Thursday: Zucchini noodles with spaghetti sauce.
Friday: gaps-friendly or Cauliflower pizza.
Also: changed these granola bars a bit and they’re delish, but super crumbly. More like granola.

Okay. I’ll try to hang on a little tighter to the wagon-rails this week. Hope it’s a easy ride for you too. :)