gluten-free healing ala GAPS, paleo and nourishing traditions

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Once upon a time there was a girl who embarked upon a journey of healing. Not too far into it she started the anti-candida diet. And then after one smashing success of a week, some monthly hormones started kicking in and since then she has been eating carbohydrates non-stop… d’oh! There may or may not have been handfuls of chocolate chips at a time. :)

But I talked with Dr K on skype this morning, and she was nothing but helpful, encouraging… reminding me that this will build up my immune system, which can then beat the staph, kick the yeast out, get rid of the infection on my skin, and that it isn’t leading to a lifetime of deprivation, but of freedom.

It’s clear to see that Ezra’s little system handles life better this way as well. So obviously I need to remember that and make the right decisions for him. She also explained that once our immune systems have had a chance to take a break from fighting that stuff for so long, and be built up again, you can introduce things back again and see how it goes.

Sooo… we’re back on the wagon. Come aboard if you like!!