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Naturopath Classes Coming to CS


Again with the misleading titles! First of all my dad would totally chide me on that. “Lucky, Elizabeth? Are you sure that’s what you mean?” Sorry FH! It’s also not exactly the most descriptive word for my current state.

At this moment I’m kind of just done. And then I’m hopeful. Then I’m blessed and overflowing. Then I don’t think I can  make it one more second. Surprisingly, what I thought would be an easy gluten free month has been an emotional roller coaster. At least a kiddy ride version. :)

I’m not sure if you want to hear this or not, but I’m going to write for a minute where I’m at medically. There have been lingering skin issues for years, like eczema and styes, but nothing serious. Allergies began a few years ago. I would say it really kicked into gear about a year ago when we went to Turkey. The whole time I was there, I got one thing after another. Starting with hand foot and mouth disease, mastitis, strep, random fevers for weeks and that weird patch of skin on my neck/scalp that is still itchy. Around the time we left and came back to CO, all of us got this crazy flu that wiped us O to the U to the T. N said it was the sickest he’s ever been in his life. After that the staph infection and the fungal infections started that I have been dealing with until now. In Turkey, I just powered through everything happily. And even now, I’m so aware that these themselves are not really big issues. But in just about every one that I read about I always come across the fact that these problems start in the “immuno-compromised.” Seriously like every one except maybe that flu.

I’m encouraged I get the chance to hear a naturopath come to CO and share directly on these topics. I also have a covered check-up in the works so I get to see a doctor soon too. I’m really blessed. And hoping I can wade through all the muddy waters from both the medical community and the natural one to work some of this out. I’m thankful it’s all probably pretty simple and that I get to try to address some things now.

I’m praying for you who are walking through health challenges right now. I know mine are so so minor compared to pretty much everyone’s. I’m not writing about it because I think I have problems that are severe and attention-worthy. My heart breaks for some of my friends and family and what they are facing right now. I don’t even know how to write about it. I see the humanity and brokenness, as well as the incredible strength we’re all given. Meanwhile almost everyone I know faces something that must be so confusing and I just wonder at it. This whole blog often feels like silliness to me, but I’m hoping in just writing honestly where I’m at, as simple as it is, it will feed strength to others in their journey. Love to you, friends. Hope today has something that will be a stepping stone for you…


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Perfect Health Diet

Have you guys heard of the Perfect Health Diet? My friend H recommended it to me and when I looked it up I found this nifty picture to show what it is. I haven’t followed it, or read the book, but I like how it looks. Chocolate! Dairy! All in a cute apple picture! But no legumes? Not even sprouted?? That seems wacky right? Obviously I haven’t read the book. H, can you elaborate? It’s just helpful to see something so clearly.

Um just wanted to share I guess!  :) Happy Friday!!!

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Nourishing but still delish Muffins + October Plan

Sophia mashing bananas

Today the kids and I made muffins. This is a major world-view shift for me, as I’ve only thought of muffins as sugar bombs that ruin your health completely. But these? Magical! Made with 6 eggs. Coconut flour = grain free. And no sugar. (unless you include chocolate. hehe. but it’s dark choc) Lots of coconut oil = extra nourishing. And walnuts! = omega threes good for our health that I can’t get my kids to eat otherwise.

magical muffins!

They’re easy to make and easy to pack as a snack for my daughter’s school. FTW, as my sister says. Which means For The Win. Which we may or may not have known and had to look up on urban dictionary. Because we’re awesome. Or obviously not.

Today my friend asked what is going to happen when October comes. So I told her, and I’ll tell you, the plan. Which is this: reintroduce gluten. And note reactions, or lack-thereof. And if there are problems, we follow up with testing and continuing on. If not, we integrate gluten back in. But I’ll tell you what: I’m crazy grateful for this month because in the first place I was so scared of trying to cut something out of our diets. But now I realize it’s not hard and I’m not scared anymore. If we have to, we’ll be able to live – pretty easily, I think? And secondly because I see how dependent we were on grains. So even if it turns out that we don’t need to be worried at all, I see HOW MUCH HEALTHIER we all feel without so much of them. And lastly, I’m really grateful for the nourishing aspect we have been attempting. Word on the GAPS street is that when you heal up your GI, you’re enabling it to handle foods better and not get all these crazy intolerances and reactions.

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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Fail

“Oh hi elle. Um, why is your hair really stringy and not moving? It kind of looks like you just took a shower but it’s dry and greasy at the same time? Okay, I really better to go now….”

Oh hi “friend” why are you so mean and judging the fact that this stringy hair effect I have going on is causing my hair to look like I have a mullet? Yeah I have to go too, I’m really busy right now.

You might be thinking that my hair in the picture isn’t so bad. But what this photo fails to capture is that it looks exactly like that even now as I turn my head side to side. It’s not moving people! Whaatt??!

I’m not sure if you know this or how you will feel about it, but I haven’t used shampoo in two and a half years. Current incident excluded, being “no-poo” as some call it, has been fabulously successful for me. It makes me feel empowered. Like, stick it, man! Like, I don’t have to endlessly buy your stuff with weird chemicals and have it strip the natural oils from my hair therefore getting rid of my own body’s ability to regulate oil production. Like, what did people do before shampoo anyway?

Annnyyyywayyyy…… I only mention the no-poo now as a precursor to why I’d even try coconut oil as a conditioning treatment on a whim in the first place. Which is to say: there are clearly some marbles loose. Yes, the whole Indian subcontinent has practiced this for thousands of years, but have you seen my hair? It lacks my Indian counterparts thick lustrous capacity I envy. Long story short, I randomly threw some coconut oil on my hair in the shower the other night, got grossed out by how greasy it felt, washed it out again and went to bed. Upon waking, I could no longer recognize my hair. It was greasy, stringy and oddly static-y? Meanwhile I hadn’t applied it to the top of my head in what at the time seemed like a great move to make everything work. Dry poufy roots + long greasy strings of hair? =MULLET.

In attempt to save it, I have for the last two days poured on the dry shampoo by the bottle.

And that’s how I got to where I am today and had the kids at kindergarten touch my hair out of concern.


Meal Plan 9.24.12 + Pictures! And The 3 Amigos!

This is a picture of our menu plan this week.20120924-105547.jpgUm, if you can’t tell, this week’s menu plan isn’t quite up to par with one of my first weekly menu plans. Ha!  I ended up with a free moment at a nearby grocery story, but without my planning in place yet, and the last of our cash for this week’s budget. So I got some stuff and hoped it would work out. And if you don’t count the fact that my kids will probably want me to give them some food on Friday and the weekend, it probably should! It’s such a lame menu plan that I won’t bother posting it.

Buttt….. one thing I am still attempting to do for our whole fam is “nourish vs cleanse.” Continue reading

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Happy cows!

I loved this op-ed piece by Nicholas Kristof and wanted to post it here. It summarizes what I’ve been reading about and why I’ve been trying to shift our family towards healthier animals.

Healthy animals living more like they are meant to make our whole world healthier. Our bodies, obviously, if that’s what we’re eating. And all this business about antibiotic resistance… it’s not just from us personally taking to many antibiotics! It’s everywhere! Hooray for happy cows!


The honeymoon is over. But married life is good: An update.

Okay I might be reaching a little for that analogy. But right now, I think our whole family is feeling like the gluten-free honeymoon is over.

Here’s the breakdown:

Subject 1: Sophia fully understands what’s going on. We actually have talked about it now, unlike before. And in social situations she’s disappointed she can’t have what everyone else is having. Today in class, it finally hit her, when cheeze-its were on the (literal and proverbial) table: “well if this makes ezra and maybe mama sick, they definitely shouldn’t have it. but why can’t i??” She has handled everything really well despite the disappointment sometimes.

Ezra is in his own little world and can’t conceptualize the whys. To him it’s any other yes or no decision by his parents. All in all he’s pretty happy and I have seen improvement in him. It’s just not as marked, as wildly obvious, as I would have hoped.

Which leads me to the next subjects in our story: me and nathan. We both got really frustrated this week and only somehow managed to talk each other down at one point or another from jumping of the ledge of gluten-free living. By this point, it’s only like 9 more days (i have no idea how many days are in september. you and i might think that writing about it on a blog would be enough motivation for me to look it up, but we would apparently be wrong.) until our little experiment is over.

Oh my goodness. Interruption to this broadcast!!! This is live people. I just asked Nathan how he was feeling re: no gluten for the blog. Totally expecting like a “only 10 more days to go. i’ll probably make it.” (he always knows how many days are in a month.) But here was his exact response: “I feel healthier right now than I have in a long time.”

Wow. That was clearly a big shock for me. It’s like the title- Like the new exciting part has waned, and that is disappointing. But overall I think we’re all just taking away such health and improvement in general. Like honeymoon/marriage. Get it?

Okay over and out. Blessings, peace and life to you!

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Want to hear a sad story?

Remember my post about treating skin infections? Actually nevermind. Just remember celebrities amazing teeth transformations instead!

Anyway, one recommendation for fighting yeast overgrowth in your body naturally is to drink apple cider vinegar. See #2 on this post for more info. I have been faithfully following this advice.

Here’s me and Ezra featuring our ACV. People, I have been DRINKING THIS STUFF! Have you smelled it? If you have you might be able to imagine why no one in their right mind would want to drink it. On a related note, it’s surprisingly fizzy and almost carbonated. Which only adds to the repulsion in the end. Anyway, after I gulp it down, diluted in some water, I totally involuntarily start shuddering. My kids drop their toys, or more likely whatever appliance it is they have just submerged under water, and stare in shock and awe. This completely gets their attention. In fact, note to self: next time I need them to stop what they’re doing and hear me, all i need to do is chug some of this stuff. *Okay now that I’ve got your attention! Remember to always put the milk back in the fridge!!* Haha.

Anyhooo…. here’s the sad story. I’ve done this so long (okay two weeks), that all I have to do is *think* of taking a drink and I start shuddering. Large, completely involuntary shudders and shakes. It’s really attractive.

The end.

PS health professionals who may or may not be reading this: if ACV is just a modern miracle tonic from the 1800s and therefore wrong, I don’t want to be right. Actually I do, so please advise!

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Meal Plan 9.17.12

Ouch. This weekend hurt. We were cruising along so happily on the GF wagon and then life happened and I was about ready to bail off completely. I was kind of pretending like I wasn’t bailing, like ho hum oh there’s a bump, am I falling? Oh I guess I’m just falling off, go ahead, go on without us, we’ll be fine here! But in my heart it was a full on bail.

But, thankful thursday!, some friends 100% saved us. KL and JT I don’t know what I would’ve done without you this weekend. Thank you thank you.

I dragged myself home and instead of laying on the couch in a daze, miraculously I got up and started making a version of these quinoa egg cups for breakfast tomorrow. And then that gave me enough strength to boil some eggs for snacks tomorrow. It’s the little things. And then I had some time waiting for those, so I’m going for it and putting a meal plan post out there! Holla! Gluten-free PLAYA.

I’ve learned from the last several meal plans that lunch is still a pretty throw-it-together kind of affair, so I’m just posting dinners for this week. Ready to be wowed? Oh you are? Oops, you might be in the wrong place. :)

Monday: We have mucho tomatoes from our garden, so this fresh take on tomato soup that I’ll adapt to be GF.
Tuesday: More thankfulness: a new york strip loin roast that was given to us by the amazing KLs. That I will hopefully not ruin! If you have any preparation tips, please pass them on!
Wednesday: Chicken chili, hopefully nourishing with homemade chicken broth and sprouted beans.
Thursday: Zucchini noodles with spaghetti sauce.
Friday: gaps-friendly or Cauliflower pizza.
Also: changed these granola bars a bit and they’re delish, but super crumbly. More like granola.

Okay. I’ll try to hang on a little tighter to the wagon-rails this week. Hope it’s a easy ride for you too. :)

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Thankful Thursday

I’ve been learning over the last year that finding things in your life that are good, no matter what else bad is going on, is kind of how you can enjoy life or at the very least get through. I think this is an important principle to remember in going gluten-free as well. So:

Two things I’m grateful for on this journey. In photos.


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