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Victory!!! Chocolate!!!!

Well I’m pretty sure my eczema is caused by dairy. The last dairy I had was the cheesecake on Saturday, when it was wild, irritated and taking over. Today it’s smooth and almost non-existant. For someone who already believed food is powerful, it’s still shocking to witness your own skin transform in days.

But this made me pretty sad. Because obviously: chocolate. Last week I was going to make something for the kids, and since Ezra seems to have issues with it too, I sadly picked up a bag of “dairy-free” mini chocolate chips. I made the granola bars, sprinkled these in and they surprised me by tasting great. “At last!,” I thought, “We can have “chocolate” in this house once again! We may in fact survive in this manner!” (Um yes it had been two days without chocolate.)

Then yesterday, I was at a grocery store with a great baking sale. Ghiradelli at rock-bottom prices. I heroically and with only the *tiniest* martyr complex, walked by. I don’t even really care about eczema in itself, but I think the problem might be my immune system is working so hard to deal with dairy that I get susceptible to other things? Like the staph and yeast… And Ezra’s tummy.

But then! The smallest glimmer of a thought alighted upon my mind …and it all came into focus in slow motion. Paleo in it’s truest form is completely anti-dairy. But they often hold up dark chocolate as an ideal treat. My mind struggled to grasp this information. I thought dairy-free = chocolate-free?! Is it possible to have chocolate made without dairy? Obviously not milk chocolate, but what about the others. I went straight to the dark chocolate chips and examined the ingredients. “Milk solids.” D’oh!! But then the semi-sweet: blissfully dairy-free. In fact it has almost the same ingredients as the dairy-free chips, it just is processed in a place that uses dairy.

Want to compare?


Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chips


Ingredients: evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor, non-dairy cocoa butter
“This facility also processes dairy and soy, however it’s on a dairy free line…”


Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips


Ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter soy lecithin, vanilla).

According to this article, that explains everything (!), the ingredients in the first and the second are essentially the same. It explains that chocolate by itself is naturally dairy-free- cocoa. Bottom line: the first one is produced on a dairy-free line, and the second is not. I think this is important if you have a severe dairy allergy, but if you’re like me you should be set! I do solemnly take it upon myself to test these out for all of you out there. :)

And sooooooo: glory hallelujah! Chocolate is ours!!