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Less on the bandwagon than I thought

…Nope, I can’t do it. The candida diet is so extreme! It’s for a good medical reason. But I found it so intensely restrictive that if I would simply eat one wrong thing, then I’d go nuts (har har) and eat tons of wrong things and basically  I was eating more carbs and sugar than when I wasn’t actively trying to follow this diet.

For instance my eczema was on it’s happy way to settling down. Then on Saturday I went to a party and had to, ahem, oblige my host so I ate cheesecake  and lots of other snacks and treats (homemade Azerbaijani baklava! worth it!) and now the eczema is back and flaring in new spots.

Meanwhile, yesterday, after I officially declared that I was free from the bonds of these crazy restrictions, I ate better than I had the whole rest of the time! Eggs, a delish salad with lots of spinach, chicken meatballs and an amazing (if i do say so myself!) dressing, macadamia nuts… So it’s kind of a full circle. Before all of this I had finally come to a place in my life that I was actually eating healthy because I wanted to and it felt better. I still think it’s better to try to treat disease with nutrition, but I’ve learned I don’t handle it all that well and have to be careful not to be extreme in doing so.

For Ezra, I’ve realized the real importance is being off gluten and dairy for the most part. That’s how his little stomach seems to do best. The naturopath really encouraged me that kids can often outgrow food allergies or heal their little systems and grow to handle things better if you take some time off fromt hem.

So between me and Ezra we’re going to stick to our house being gluten and dairy free for a while and see how we go. But enough of this boring chatter…

Want to try my amazing dressing?

Coconut Honey Mustard Dressing
(serves 2)
1/3 cup melted coconut oil
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp lime juice
pinch of salt

I served it over a bed of greens, chicken (with cranberry and jalepeno) meatballs, red bell peppers, and red and green onion. It was so tasty. Variation: It was actually so tasty it was lunch again today, but we were out of honey. I had some apricot preserves on hand and subbed that in for the honey and Nathie liked it even better today. So. There you go, players. Best salad dressing evaa!

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Day three and no eczema!

You guys this is so crazy I can hardly believe it. I first remember eczema my sophomore year of high school. Which was 15 years ago! I have had eczema for 15 years. And in just three days of clean eating it is gone! Sometimes the eczema has just been a minor annoyance, sometimes it has been terrible, cracked, awful, itchy. A few months ago I read that hydrocortisone cream, which I used daily for the last 15 years, is not good for long term use and suppresses the immune system. When I read that I switched to coconut oil. I was happy with the results: it had the same effect, relieving the itchiness and kept it from getting too irritated. Which is all I was really after and thought I could do.

wikipedia image

Last night, at the end of the third day of this anti-candida eating, I was getting ready for bed and grabbed the coconut oil to put behind my ears. But the skin behind them is totally smooth! For the first time in 15 years! This is crazy!

Just had to share this with you.

Although I suspect the main culprit is dairy I hope to see some healing and be able to reintegrate it back in eventually. I have heard a lot of people say it is no good and it should be cut out entirely. That it’s just food for baby cows and other mammals don’t drink milk past babyhood. I think yes, we might have a profit-driven system full of unhealthy cows given weird amounts of gmo-corn and antibiotics: not good. We might have people with an actual allergy: not good. We might have a tiny problem with pasteurization and homogenization, probably also not good. Buuutttt….. I think we’re just too far removed from the whole process. If you had a farm and a cow one hundred years ago, there is no way you would tell me: No, you shouldn’t take any of that milk for food. But sure, go ahead- kill that cow, pull it’s skin off, cut out it’s muscle and eat that. See? Milk seems a lot more reasonable and safe now, doesn’t it. :) You’d totally use the milk to maximize the nutrients your cow provides! And then you’d eat it after that. Or you’d just be vegan. Haha, okay end of rant.

So I’m clearly pro-dairy and now needing to reconcile that with the idea that it might be creating some problems for me. But one of the the things the N.D. explained when she was here is that our immune system is a little bit like a bucket. So even if you had a small problem with dairy, that might be fine in small amounts on it’s own. But if that’s in your bucket, plus another small problem with corn for instance, plus some stress, plus a cat walks by plus pollen in the air that day: soon your immune-system bucket is overflowing and you’re all symptomatic. So it’s really about identifying what works for you and what doesn’t and functioning in that.

Okay well now I’ve just been rambling a while. I just had to share about the eczema- even though I believe food has a real effect on us, this is shocking to experience!


How to Treat a Fungal or Bacterial Skin Infection Naturally

So I have a “friend.” She is dealing with some skin issues that are embarrassing to talk about. Oh you have a friend who is too? Thanks for being so bold and asking about how to treat it on their behalf. Let’s figure this out so we can help them, okay? :) We’re such good people, the way we help out our friends like this…

Here are the basics: Things like fungi and staph bacteria are everywhere. A healthy immune system should be able to fight these off without much effort resulting in pretty clear skin and no localized infections on your body. Continue reading

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New Developments

…and not the good kind: more of the fungal variety. :(

Yep, I have recently developed two patches of fungal skin infection. I have had one on the lower part of my scalp for almost a year, but I thought it was a patch of eczema. This is crazy you guys! 3 patches eczema, 3 patches fungus, and numbers in the teens of staph infection. Ugh!

I was looking into ways to heal this from the inside out. (I have been applying some apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and it helps, but hasn’t made it go away.) And I’ve realized it’s a candida (yeast) problem. You can read more about it here. I have a friend who has been doing a cleanse and taking grapefruit seed extract and probiotics to see her candida die off, and so I looked into it then. At the time, I was a little bit dubious, like “every single symptom on the face of the planet is caused by candida?” I didn’t doubt her or that it was a real thing, I just wasn’t compelled to follow though with it on my own. But according to the one source I trust most (google: haha!) there is no question: fungal infections of any variety is caused by candida overgrowth in your system.

Here’s the fascinating part to me. Every single approach I’ve been looking into lately- GAPS, Paleo (they claim to see a lot of healing in inflammation in joints), Gluten-free lifestyles, and Candida people- you get the same thing: cut the sugar and the gluten. Yeast feeds off of sugar in any form. Glutens and breads are broken down into sugar in your body. Gah.

At least there is peace in knowing there is a way to heal!