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Meal Plan! (gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-candida)


Okay, can’t lie: pretty proud of myself for making this! Sometimes I just have major meal-plan brain freeze. It’s a lot of work! Hopefully this will make it easy to eat this week. Honestly, this is food we all really like! But if it’s not planned out, we definitely reach for grains and dairy. Which wouldn’t be so wrong, but I was able to meet with a naturopath dr last week, and she laid it out: I have a yeast infection that won’t go away and my kids and I possibly have some food allergies. I was really scared, but now that I’ve laid it all out I think I can do it.

Here’s to a nutritious week!

recipes can be found here:

CF Dutch Babies
Smoky bacon chili
Pumpkin Muffins 
Roasted veggie frittata
Indian spiced zucchini fritters
Coconut chicken
Italian Meatballs
roasted broccoli/bacon
Gaps, DF pizza
Whipped coconut cream w berries
Coconut milk smoothies
Coconut cereal

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2 thoughts on “Meal Plan! (gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-candida)

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