gluten-free healing ala GAPS, paleo and nourishing traditions

The blog continues!

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Here’s a picture of me trying to scare you, like you didn’t know I was here. Like you probably thought this blog was dead, so you’ll just check one last time and then BOO! and SURPRISE! Here I am.

This is why, ahem, I will probably never receive any kind of acknowledgement that any of my friends or family actually check this blog. And I don’t blame you. I don’t know why I do these kinds of things. Forgive me.

Good news, bad news here people.

The good news is: the blog is back and the journey to health continues.

The bad news is: there is more to blog because the destination of great, functioning health has not yet been reached.

I mentioned before that a naturopath doctor was coming to Colorado Springs to teach some health classes. It has been this week and it’s pretty much rocking my world. Hopefully I will process what I learned here and share the holistic health love.

Anyway soon I’ll give an update what happened with us and gluten, and where we’re at now. Just wanted to let you know I’ll be posting here again…

Happy to be back with you all. :)

And don’t forget to check out the Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe below!


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