gluten-free healing ala GAPS, paleo and nourishing traditions

Happy link-end!

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Um that was my own word for weekend. :) Do you read other blogs that post links on Fridays to things they’ve seen that week they might want to share? I do.

I’m going to join that epic tradition today.

An article by Dr Mark Hyman on yeast overgrowth. Appreciate MD responding to this. Medicine hardly acknowledges it and naturopaths attribute everything to it. What’s the truth?

The difference between men and women. Haha!

How to live with introverts. HELPFUL, if you know the man I am married to. :)

Sugar is Killing Us” video. Watching as I eat chocolate. Fail.

Awesome Iranian cartoon contest with book theme. Loved these entries.

Um, my fear every month! LOL. Real personality.

Annnddd… How martha stewart killed entertaining. Relationship over perfection. Love it.

Happy link-end!


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