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Naturopath Classes Coming to CS


Again with the misleading titles! First of all my dad would totally chide me on that. “Lucky, Elizabeth? Are you sure that’s what you mean?” Sorry FH! It’s also not exactly the most descriptive word for my current state.

At this moment I’m kind of just done. And then I’m hopeful. Then I’m blessed and overflowing. Then I don’t think I can  make it one more second. Surprisingly, what I thought would be an easy gluten free month has been an emotional roller coaster. At least a kiddy ride version. :)

I’m not sure if you want to hear this or not, but I’m going to write for a minute where I’m at medically. There have been lingering skin issues for years, like eczema and styes, but nothing serious. Allergies began a few years ago. I would say it really kicked into gear about a year ago when we went to Turkey. The whole time I was there, I got one thing after another. Starting with hand foot and mouth disease, mastitis, strep, random fevers for weeks and that weird patch of skin on my neck/scalp that is still itchy. Around the time we left and came back to CO, all of us got this crazy flu that wiped us O to the U to the T. N said it was the sickest he’s ever been in his life. After that the staph infection and the fungal infections started that I have been dealing with until now. In Turkey, I just powered through everything happily. And even now, I’m so aware that these themselves are not really big issues. But in just about every one that I read about I always come across the fact that these problems start in the “immuno-compromised.” Seriously like every one except maybe that flu.

I’m encouraged I get the chance to hear a naturopath come to CO and share directly on these topics. I also have a covered check-up in the works so I get to see a doctor soon too. I’m really blessed. And hoping I can wade through all the muddy waters from both the medical community and the natural one to work some of this out. I’m thankful it’s all probably pretty simple and that I get to try to address some things now.

I’m praying for you who are walking through health challenges right now. I know mine are so so minor compared to pretty much everyone’s. I’m not writing about it because I think I have problems that are severe and attention-worthy. My heart breaks for some of my friends and family and what they are facing right now. I don’t even know how to write about it. I see the humanity and brokenness, as well as the incredible strength we’re all given. Meanwhile almost everyone I know faces something that must be so confusing and I just wonder at it. This whole blog often feels like silliness to me, but I’m hoping in just writing honestly where I’m at, as simple as it is, it will feed strength to others in their journey. Love to you, friends. Hope today has something that will be a stepping stone for you…


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