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Nourishing but still delish Muffins + October Plan

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Sophia mashing bananas

Today the kids and I made muffins. This is a major world-view shift for me, as I’ve only thought of muffins as sugar bombs that ruin your health completely. But these? Magical! Made with 6 eggs. Coconut flour = grain free. And no sugar. (unless you include chocolate. hehe. but it’s dark choc) Lots of coconut oil = extra nourishing. And walnuts! = omega threes good for our health that I can’t get my kids to eat otherwise.

magical muffins!

They’re easy to make and easy to pack as a snack for my daughter’s school. FTW, as my sister says. Which means For The Win. Which we may or may not have known and had to look up on urban dictionary. Because we’re awesome. Or obviously not.

Today my friend asked what is going to happen when October comes. So I told her, and I’ll tell you, the plan. Which is this: reintroduce gluten. And note reactions, or lack-thereof. And if there are problems, we follow up with testing and continuing on. If not, we integrate gluten back in. But I’ll tell you what: I’m crazy grateful for this month because in the first place I was so scared of trying to cut something out of our diets. But now I realize it’s not hard and I’m not scared anymore. If we have to, we’ll be able to live – pretty easily, I think? And secondly because I see how dependent we were on grains. So even if it turns out that we don’t need to be worried at all, I see HOW MUCH HEALTHIER we all feel without so much of them. And lastly, I’m really grateful for the nourishing aspect we have been attempting. Word on the GAPS street is that when you heal up your GI, you’re enabling it to handle foods better and not get all these crazy intolerances and reactions.


One thought on “Nourishing but still delish Muffins + October Plan

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