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Meal Plan 9.24.12 + Pictures! And The 3 Amigos!


This is a picture of our menu plan this week.20120924-105547.jpgUm, if you can’t tell, this week’s menu plan isn’t quite up to par with one of my first weekly menu plans. Ha!  I ended up with a free moment at a nearby grocery story, but without my planning in place yet, and the last of our cash for this week’s budget. So I got some stuff and hoped it would work out. And if you don’t count the fact that my kids will probably want me to give them some food on Friday and the weekend, it probably should! It’s such a lame menu plan that I won’t bother posting it.

Buttt….. one thing I am still attempting to do for our whole fam is “nourish vs cleanse.” Which is to say, I’m not just trying to cut out an item or go on a cleanse eliminating all possible offenders. We are minimizing those big time and obviously gluten is a bad word around here this month. :) But I am really trying nourish our bodies and specifically our GIs which is where most of these problems stem from. Food allergies often begin because our guts aren’t healthy and sealed up and release food into the bloodstream, which is not where it is supposed to be. We all have been treated with lots of antibiotics, this kills off the good bacteria which can significantly alter our ability to absorb the nourishment our food has to offer. Hence the broth and all the butter and coconut oil and other whole nourishing foods we’re trying to eat.

Anyway…. instead of more of this business do you want to see a picture update from this weekend?

Here’s my cute husband and the beautiful colors we’re seeing every day around here. I’m loving the beauty, but it’s definitely that awkward season for getting dressed. You put on a warm sweater in the morning and then get in the car and the sun beats down and by the time you’re at your meeting you’re sweating like crazy. Every spring and fall I experience awkward situations as a result of this confusion.


Here’s Sophia at a lake we went to this weekend. I like her.

And here’s Ezra and his little buddy S at a birthday party this weekend. It was the best one I’ve ever been to! 1) They have a horse! And let all the kids ride it. And 2) the activity/favor? making their own sock/stick horses. I may have been trying to elbow some kids at the table out of my way so I could make my own. Ha.

But I was laughing to myself, probably a little too hard, that these two reminded me of the Three Amigos. Have you seen that movie? It’s from the early 80s and still makes me laugh so hard. Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short. So great. Here’s a glimpse. You can make the comparison yourself.

Happy Monday everyone!


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