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The honeymoon is over. But married life is good: An update.


Okay I might be reaching a little for that analogy. But right now, I think our whole family is feeling like the gluten-free honeymoon is over.

Here’s the breakdown:

Subject 1: Sophia fully understands what’s going on. We actually have talked about it now, unlike before. And in social situations she’s disappointed she can’t have what everyone else is having. Today in class, it finally hit her, when cheeze-its were on the (literal and proverbial) table: “well if this makes ezra and maybe mama sick, they definitely shouldn’t have it. but why can’t i??” She has handled everything really well despite the disappointment sometimes.

Ezra is in his own little world and can’t conceptualize the whys. To him it’s any other yes or no decision by his parents. All in all he’s pretty happy and I have seen improvement in him. It’s just not as marked, as wildly obvious, as I would have hoped.

Which leads me to the next subjects in our story: me and nathan. We both got really frustrated this week and only somehow managed to talk each other down at one point or another from jumping of the ledge of gluten-free living. By this point, it’s only like 9 more days (i have no idea how many days are in september. you and i might think that writing about it on a blog would be enough motivation for me to look it up, but we would apparently be wrong.) until our little experiment is over.

Oh my goodness. Interruption to this broadcast!!! This is live people. I just asked Nathan how he was feeling re: no gluten for the blog. Totally expecting like a “only 10 more days to go. i’ll probably make it.” (he always knows how many days are in a month.) But here was his exact response: “I feel healthier right now than I have in a long time.”

Wow. That was clearly a big shock for me. It’s like the title- Like the new exciting part has waned, and that is disappointing. But overall I think we’re all just taking away such health and improvement in general. Like honeymoon/marriage. Get it?

Okay over and out. Blessings, peace and life to you!


2 thoughts on “The honeymoon is over. But married life is good: An update.

  1. I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease when I was 17. I’ve been doing it for some time gluten free, and as rough as it is at first–it’s very much worth it in the end. Keep it up–I can tell you from experience that it gets easier with time.
    Great post!

    • Hi thanks so much your thoughts! It’s obviously needed and really encouraging at this point. :) if you have any tips or blogs to recommend I’d totally welcome them!

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