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Want to hear a sad story?

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Remember my post about treating skin infections? Actually nevermind. Just remember celebrities amazing teeth transformations instead!

Anyway, one recommendation for fighting yeast overgrowth in your body naturally is to drink apple cider vinegar. See #2 on this post for more info. I have been faithfully following this advice.

Here’s me and Ezra featuring our ACV. People, I have been DRINKING THIS STUFF! Have you smelled it? If you have you might be able to imagine why no one in their right mind would want to drink it. On a related note, it’s surprisingly fizzy and almost carbonated. Which only adds to the repulsion in the end. Anyway, after I gulp it down, diluted in some water, I totally involuntarily start shuddering. My kids drop their toys, or more likely whatever appliance it is they have just submerged under water, and stare in shock and awe. This completely gets their attention. In fact, note to self: next time I need them to stop what they’re doing and hear me, all i need to do is chug some of this stuff. *Okay now that I’ve got your attention! Remember to always put the milk back in the fridge!!* Haha.

Anyhooo…. here’s the sad story. I’ve done this so long (okay two weeks), that all I have to do is *think* of taking a drink and I start shuddering. Large, completely involuntary shudders and shakes. It’s really attractive.

The end.

PS health professionals who may or may not be reading this: if ACV is just a modern miracle tonic from the 1800s and therefore wrong, I don’t want to be right. Actually I do, so please advise!


One thought on “Want to hear a sad story?

  1. I’ve read that a little bit of honey and/or some lemon helps the ACV go down…. I don’t do it regularly, but when I do drink ACV, I just go the chugging route (still diluted, obviously!).

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