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Meal Plan 9.17.12

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Ouch. This weekend hurt. We were cruising along so happily on the GF wagon and then life happened and I was about ready to bail off completely. I was kind of pretending like I wasn’t bailing, like ho hum oh there’s a bump, am I falling? Oh I guess I’m just falling off, go ahead, go on without us, we’ll be fine here! But in my heart it was a full on bail.

But, thankful thursday!, some friends 100% saved us. KL and JT I don’t know what I would’ve done without you this weekend. Thank you thank you.

I dragged myself home and instead of laying on the couch in a daze, miraculously I got up and started making a version of these quinoa egg cups for breakfast tomorrow. And then that gave me enough strength to boil some eggs for snacks tomorrow. It’s the little things. And then I had some time waiting for those, so I’m going for it and putting a meal plan post out there! Holla! Gluten-free PLAYA.

I’ve learned from the last several meal plans that lunch is still a pretty throw-it-together kind of affair, so I’m just posting dinners for this week. Ready to be wowed? Oh you are? Oops, you might be in the wrong place. :)

Monday: We have mucho tomatoes from our garden, so this fresh take on tomato soup that I’ll adapt to be GF.
Tuesday: More thankfulness: a new york strip loin roast that was given to us by the amazing KLs. That I will hopefully not ruin! If you have any preparation tips, please pass them on!
Wednesday: Chicken chili, hopefully nourishing with homemade chicken broth and sprouted beans.
Thursday: Zucchini noodles with spaghetti sauce.
Friday: gaps-friendly or Cauliflower pizza.
Also: changed these granola bars a bit and they’re delish, but super crumbly. More like granola.

Okay. I’ll try to hang on a little tighter to the wagon-rails this week. Hope it’s a easy ride for you too. :)


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