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Thankful Thursday

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I’ve been learning over the last year that finding things in your life that are good, no matter what else bad is going on, is kind of how you can enjoy life or at the very least get through. I think this is an important principle to remember in going gluten-free as well. So:

Two things I’m grateful for on this journey. In photos.


First one: Friends/community/support. Right now I have some friends who are also interested in health, healing, and natural paths to get there. Shout out to J and J, above, who hosted a potluck featuring all our whole-foods recipes for each other to try. Such a good idea! Each bring a dish and share the recipe. Makes introduction into this world so much easier. It helps me sooooo much to know these guys are on my side. And on my kids side since we all have kids the same age! It turns out that at that ice-cream social, M, one of Sophia’s friends also brought a popsicle! That is a crazy huge plus.


Note: I have been mentioning bone broth but one of the other blogs I read just posted on that so why reinvent the wheel? Hers is here: Making bone broth, how and why.

This is a really poor photo, and I’m not sure if you can tell, but that is Sophia on the left, drinking a cup of homemade chicken broth happily this afternoon while she plays with her friends. This feels like such a gift to me! And kind of shows me that this real food stuff is legit. Related: Sophia used to ask for sweets or breads in one form or another basically all day every day. They were even whole grains, but there was some kind of dependence. Since we started this (almost two weeks!) she has totally stopped.

Anyway, I’m so thankful for those two huge things in my life right now: friends on the journey and seeing some progress in my children’s health. Please share what positives you have right now! I’d love to hear!


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