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The world only ended a little bit.


So I said I’d give an update:

And here’s how it went down. The pretzels were a hit. The kids loved them and were not in any way upset about not having the same snacks, well, because they had the same snacks (with cashews mixed in! +one for the good guy! #healthyfatsandproteins). But then the ice cream social part took a little bit of an unexpected twist. I had to actually get the report from Nathan as I was finishing up some things in the classroom when it all began. I pictured them potentially feeling left out or sad they couldn’t have what everyone else was having. Meanwhile, I guess Sophia was so proud she was going around telling everyone she got a popsicle instead and Nathan finally had to pull her in and ask her to tone it down a little. “Wouldn’t want the other kids to feel sad that they don’t get a popsicle,” he told her. :)

I know what you’re thinking. It definitely appears that by not straight up addressing this with the kids and explaining which things have gluten and which don’t, we’re just kind of pulling a fast one on them. That’s not my intention. I just want to wait for an official diagnosis before any big discussion. We’ll all be able to own it at that point. But since it’s not, and since they haven’t asked or felt deprived once yet, if you don’t count the almost-no-pretzel incident which yourstruly clearly took care of :), I’m hoping it’s wiser to approach it this way: all the good things we have! On every level. Over the: can’t have this. On the food level.

Other updates: -I had a second cup of broth today. Ha! And used it in my cooking. Bonus points! -We made delish healthy grain-free sugar-free banana muffins for dessert. -Except for being really tired from all that’s going on, my body is feeling pretty healthy. -Oh! Major bonus point: I brought my kids to the dentist today. For the first time. Oops. Minus all the bonus points just acquired. And both the nurse(?) lady and the dentist commented separately on how we must have great diets because both Sophia’s teeth and Ezra’s teeth were so healthy and what with them never being to the dentist before… I get it I get, I should’ve brought them before now! Anyway, it was nice to hear an independent medical source confirm that nourishing our bodies with whole foods has a real live product: healthy teeth! 

Anyway, this is all I’ve got for today. I have a dream of doing some recipe posts (with my camera phone?). Maybe one day?? How are all you guys doing? Hoping you’re encouraged towards wholeness… xoxo


2 thoughts on “The world only ended a little bit.

  1. Doing well, esd! and definitely encouraged by your journey and your stories. Love your writing style, and love you!

  2. My kids have never been to the dentist either and they are both a teeny bit older than yours!!

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