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The world did not end by going gluten-free!


And other reflections upon our first week.

We ate so well!

Last night, our meal was:

Leftover frittata, bacon, quinoa salad (I’ll post a recipe: you’ll thank me!), and this purreed butternut squash. Honestly, I thought that one was going to be such a stretch, but that lady was so right! It’s amaaazzziiinggg!!!! There wasn’t a trace left.


Then, this morning: A Doan family staple. And I think the fact that we could eat this while still being gluten-free gave Nathan strength unspeakable. Like he can go on now. Dutch babies!

In other news, I am down to one cup of coffee in the morning, black. And loving it! This, however, leads me to something I want to address here. The whole issue of being extreme and therefore isolating. This is something I think we have to try for this month to see if our health would respond. We live our lives a great deal in community. Nathan teaches international students that we love and want to be together with. Also we have lived overseas and hope to again. I’m hoping we find out with this month what is what and even if there are problems we know what they are and can still choose to honor relationship over health. Like, yes, I am blogging all about food and health this month, but this is not our number one priority in life. It’s mostly to help myself wrap my head around it, have accountability, and see if it really helps us out! Annnnyyyywayyyy….. So I COULD just give up coffee altogether, but then I might as well just go live in a forest by myself. Right? Haha. Okay so maybe coffee doesn’t have to be a social/relationship point. Perhaps that is a tiny stretch. But that is something I want to be able to enjoy when the occasion arises.

Some failures:

-despite my post yesterday recommending cutting out sugar, dairy and caffeine, clearly I am not. :)
-figuring cost out! i read someone say that in choosing this lifestyle they spend 800-1000/month to feed their family of four. that’s awesome that they have the ability to do that and i bet they’re so healthy. we cannot do that. how to nourish your family with whole foods on a budget?! and fill them up?? true story: before doing this we literally ate oatmeal in form or another every day for breakfast for about five years. oats do not actually contain gluten, but most places that process oatmeal do so with wheat and I guess therefore heavily contaminated. you can buy “pure” oats and i probably will but hadn’t yet because of cost and to push us out of our comfort zone to see what we can do.  sooo… my babies’s bellies are used to that feeling of full in the morning. so it’s an adjustment to fill them up with new foods!
-still eating a lot of corn products

Other successes:

-ezra has been eating so much lately! and his digestive issues are improving! which is pretty much the whole point!
-we really have been eating more whole foods, fruits and veggies!
-i found a good source of free range organic eggs for about $3/dozen. not quite pastured, but speaks to our health/budget dilemma

Overall, it’s been a good week!


3 thoughts on “The world did not end by going gluten-free!

  1. Way to go!!! I don’t drink coffee and it’s never been a big deal. Switch to tea!! :-) :-)

  2. Bethie, you make a good point. Life would probably be fine. But I don’t want it to just be fine, I want it to be great!! I love coffee!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ugh, giving up coffee has been the hardest part! And by hardest, I mean impossible…I’m still drinking decaf, ha. Whichhhh I realize still has some caffeine in it….!!! But I’m adjusting to coconut milk in it. Maybe someday I’ll actually go black. Maybe someday I’ll kick the coffee addiction. Maybe that someday will be sooner than later, say next month? Nescafe just isn’t worth it.

    These pictures are amazing! Fritatta + quinoa salad = yum. I love that your blogging style, you are sooo yourself!

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