gluten-free healing ala GAPS, paleo and nourishing traditions


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I just realized a whole rotisserie chicken at costco is 5 dollars? Ouch. How many pounds are on those babies? Do you think they weigh the same as my little honey from the other day?

So far we had tons of chicken for dinner with roasted veggies, some for lunch, some in our frittata at the next dinner, some with lunch today and we still have lots left over with a whole pot of stock? So it seems like a lot? Ho hum. I have no idea what I’m doing. I guess that’s the point? Hoping to figure out what is what in this healing adventure. For the record, eating more meat is really filling and nice! I don’t have to eat so much and am so much more full throughout the day.

I read this article and some others today by a local Colorado Springs GI doctor: http://www.medicalvoyce.com/dr-lewey. I find it all fascinating. He says that one reason for the huge rise in gluten-related issues is because of genetically modifying the grain and the preservatives used with it, as well as it’s prevalence everywhere. I think I’ve heard things like this before, but actually having to try to eliminate it ourselves makes me sit up and pay attention. In that article as well, he said he’s seen people take time off from it and are able to heal and have it in smaller amounts again. That’s what I’m hoping for!  Ezra’s dr recommended going a month gluten free when she heard all his symptoms and then seeing if we should test for it. This just makes me want to do the testing now, to know for sure.

It’s not that hard, though. Yesterday I made these grain free peanut butter cookies. Here are my chickpeas and chocolate:

They were such a hit! Everyone loved them. The only problem was I don’t have a food processor? Just a mini one. And it didn’t all fit, so then I tried transferring it to our blender. Guess how that went? So then I transferred it BACK to the mini processor and mixed it up in three parts. Ha. #whitewhine :) Anyhow, they were delish and there’s no deprivation going on in this house. Also the whole batch is gone. Also we might be actually gaining weight, going gluten free. :)

If you have any good recipes or meal-plans, let me know! It’s not that it’s so hard, like there are plenty of foods out there we can eat, it just takes a little more effort and planning and a little less winging it. Help a sista out if you have any good grain-free or gluten-free ideas! Thanks mucho!!


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