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One step forward, two steps back


I’ve really been feeling a little torn. Here we are, a little family of four attempting to go gluten free to see if it will help some of the health issues we’ve had. In some ways, it’s a big step. In others, like I mentioned, it’s actually felt a little more “one step forward, two steps back.” Like we’ve been eating more corn-products lately, which on almost all of these approaches I’m aspiring to advise strictly refraining from, either entirely or until you’ve healed.

But my husband N is reacting every day like he’s starving and will barely survive. He can’t get full, he has headaches, he’s craving meat (i think that’s a good thing?) and just overall this is a big enough step for him. It’s like a huge shock to his system. 

Here’s where I feel torn. I wish we were being healthier, but obviously it’s kind of a big enough change for some of us to cope with. 

The other main challenge is budget. If we’re going to be eating lots of fat and meat, it needs to be from healthy animals. If we want to heal via these sources, they can’t be sick themselves. Doesn’t it make sense that we would be getting sick if we’re consuming animals that are sick? If the reports are true that the chickens never move their whole lives and cows milk has pus in it because of infections related to being pumped with growth hormone and then are treated with hormones and all they ever eat is food they weren’t intended to, of course they’re sick. A cow was meant to be moving and grazing on grass. And I want our family to eat that cow, not the one in the industry barn.

But we used to almost never buy meat in the first place. So I get how crazy it is to make our little grocery budget go from almost zero meats to quality meats. I’m not totally sure how to do this. Paleo-ers, how are you doing it?!

(An aside, though, Colorado Springs peeps: One way I’m learning how to handle it is: Ranch Foods Direct. You can buy organic, pastured meat from them and it’s not even as expensive as organic meat from the grocery store. Last week I bought a whole chicken from which we got a few meals + broth, which is apparently the single most nutritious thing you can consume when trying to heal your gut. It’s super easy, is a great base for soups and my kids even like a small cup with lunch. What! Maybe I can do some kind of tutorial?)

Anyway, there is a lot to weigh here. Heh heh. Get it, like our actual weight too? :) We have farther to go, but we have to start with one step right? And I hope it’s in the direction of healing! Please share any advice you have! We could use it!



2 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. Natural Grocers has some great chicken from Boulder, we like to get a 5 pack of chicken legs for about $2.50! This is my go-to fast meal, then everyone gets at least one small piece of meat for not so much mulah. Also, our farm is offering half cows up for sale….????

  2. Katie, thanks for this great tip! I’m loving Natural Grocers… it’s not as expensive and intimidating as I thought it would be. :) And can you give me more info on the farm and the cow? Also I was going to call Ranch Foods to ask if they could give a discount on a bulk order of pastured eggs?? Then we could all go in on it if others are interested….

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