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…and not the good kind: more of the fungal variety. :(

Yep, I have recently developed two patches of fungal skin infection. I have had one on the lower part of my scalp for almost a year, but I thought it was a patch of eczema. This is crazy you guys! 3 patches eczema, 3 patches fungus, and numbers in the teens of staph infection. Ugh!

I was looking into ways to heal this from the inside out. (I have been applying some apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and it helps, but hasn’t made it go away.) And I’ve realized it’s a candida (yeast) problem. You can read more about it here. I have a friend who has been doing a cleanse and taking grapefruit seed extract and probiotics to see her candida die off, and so I looked into it then. At the time, I was a little bit dubious, like “every single symptom on the face of the planet is caused by candida?” I didn’t doubt her or that it was a real thing, I just wasn’t compelled to follow though with it on my own. But according to the one source I trust most (google: haha!) there is no question: fungal infections of any variety is caused by candida overgrowth in your system.

Here’s the fascinating part to me. Every single approach I’ve been looking into lately- GAPS, Paleo (they claim to see a lot of healing in inflammation in joints), Gluten-free lifestyles, and Candida people- you get the same thing: cut the sugar and the gluten. Yeast feeds off of sugar in any form. Glutens and breads are broken down into sugar in your body. Gah.

At least there is peace in knowing there is a way to heal!


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