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Already working?

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Okay I don’t know if this possible, and it certainly wasn’t expected, but I think we’re already experiencing some effects of being gluten free on our third day.

E is already having less diapers and related problems and eating better. Meanwhile N and I have had headaches all day? And it hasn’t been for lack of coffee. What else could it be? Is this normal?

I didn’t expect it because this has been a seriously slow, easy transition into gluten free living over the last three days. Easy as in we were eating healthier before we started this. I don’t the point is to cut out one small thing and excess on others. Anyway, I didn’t expect there to be die off or other symptoms so soon the way we’ve been eating. Maybe the gluten was that tough on us? And on n too?

Now the question is: I’ve found out more about this candida business and my ultimate goal here is health. Should I (just I) head down that road, cutting out some other things as well? How could I handle the detox from coffee though?! And chocolate?! It’s so sad!!

It weighing between two valid approaches: the one at a time vs the all or nothing.

Um maybe I’ll sleep on that considering I have some dark chocolate I’d like to eat? :)

Over and out.


One thought on “Already working?

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