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Week 1 Meal Plan

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This is what I’ve got so far. Have to fill in the gaps, but I need to go grocery shopping while kids are napping!

Breakfast and lunch have been traditionally a throw it together/don’t have to think about it kind of thing. And I’d like it to be that way again soon. It requires more of me right now and that’s why I have a few more labor-intensive things just so I get used to these recipes/ideas.

Tonights dinner: salmon, bacon chowder plus gf crackers

b: banana coconut muffins plus green smoothies
l: tuna bacon cakes, snap peas/fruit
d: roasted chicken and veggies
b: fried eggs + fruit
l: butter and avocado on gf bread or rice cakes
d: chicken tacos
b: egg muffins
l: chocolate almond butter on rice cakes, carrots + dip
d: veggie frittata
b: granola + yogurt or coconut milk
l: pastured, gf hot dogs + fruit
d: butternut squash mash, bacon, roasted broccoli
b: quinoa breakfast
d: zucchini noodles and spaghetti sauce
b: dutch babies + sausage
d: lentil + rice


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