gluten-free healing ala GAPS, paleo and nourishing traditions

Day 1

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It was pretty much a success! Even though we are on our little vaca and didn’t have access to a kitchen and whole foods, we did eat completely gluten free! Although I had this sinking thought after we had gone out of our way and payed more for less pizza that was gluten free: “what if it’s actually a DAIRY allergy?!” Haha- d’oh.

I was a little worried about the hotel breakfast, but they had boiled eggs, plenty of fruit, yogurt and granola (oops!). E actually has an appt in a couple days and if they do any testing he is actually supposed to have gluten in his system. So I don’t know if I’m doing him a service or not at this point. I just knew we had to do something to get healthy.

As I have read about GAPS specifically, but gluten-allergy as well, I have been struck by how many parents have written about aggressive children reportedly getting a lot more control over their little bodies after eliminating the offending food. (like this blog post) E is a pretty great kid but he has been on a hitting rampage for the last several weeks. I respond every time with a time out, or consequence, or time in. Once I even slapped his hand to show him how it felt, wondering if he just had that disconnect two year olds do. (people this is not what we do in our fam! i’m just saying it’s that extreme, like he does.not.respond to anything and just keeps hitting away…) So as an added question I’m wondering if we’ll see any change in this as well? I know it can be a common two year old thing too, so it’s not my main motivation but I’m wondering??

Anyway on another note, we’re staying in a place we lived our first year of marriage and it’s super fun! All the memories… Also it’s much nicer, with things like fire pits, hammocks, and little streams. Also I don’t have to clean the bathrooms this time! :)


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