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Woah. Gluten free September.

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Yep, we’re doing it. Our family is going to attempt a gluten-free-September.

We’ve already come a long ways over the last four to five years. Lots of whole foods, not too many processed ones. More organic, less conventional. More organic and pastured animals and dairy, less conventional there too. No soda, lots of fruits, nuts and homemade snacks. The only place we eat out is chipotle. Ha! :) I’ve loved the Nourishing Traditions ideas for a long time. I make my own (full fat organic) yogurt!

So honestly, I’ve thought we were pretty healthy. Recently I’ve had to admit that we are not. E has had eating problems since he was three months old. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t fully own that my diet was most likely the cause. Lately, he’s been having major digestive problems. I’m about to share seriously vulnerable facts about myself so I’ll spare you from his.

I began to read up on causes. As I read more about problems he may be facing, I had a major awakening into my own issues. I’ve had eczema since high school. And this is about to get way TMI, but I have been battling staph infection on my whole body for six months now. Like I currently have so many boils that you would not believe. I took antibiotics at one point, only to have them return. (Besides antibiotics hurting you in the long run by killing your healthy bacteria in your gut and making worse issues for yourself, if you’re using it to deal with staph infections you can become resistant and then you get MRSA and then you die. haha) I have tried natural remedies: and seen success in the individual offenders treatment but not on the whole. I’ve even read about how your body can handle the seasonal allergies (which i have developed to a severe degree) a lot better when it’s not fighting off it’s own allergies on the inside.

Ultimately I’ve come to understand that for some people, things like eczema and a lowered immune system and digestive issues are NOT normal, and in fact a way of your body trying to tell you that it is trying to fight something off. And in our case I’m suspecting that something to be gluten.

:( sad.

I’ve never cut any area out of our diet because I think a healthy body should be able to handle most food groups. And the thought of it…. ugh, sadness, complications, expense! And mostly just sadness. Bread is delish, obviously. :)

The direction I want to be headed in is more of a GAPS ¬†and whole foods almost paleo approach vs just buying or making gluten free products. But I’m going easy on us as we get the hang of it, so lunch today was totally gluten free tortillas and since we’re having a mini family vaca tonight I think we’re getting gluten free pizza from Boriello’s.

Anyway, this definitely could be at least boring or at worst offensive if you’re not on a similar journey yourself and I get that. I’m honestly not sure this IS the answer. But I’m hoping that at least then we’d know it’s not. Just realizing we need some answers.

Okay over and out. Hoping for more healing on your journey too!


One thought on “Woah. Gluten free September.

  1. It’s amazing how much our diet can affect our minds and bodies! I feel the same way about my own blog: it could be either WAAAAY TMI, or totally boring if you’re not going through something similar. Since blogging though, I’ve found a lot of people going through similar things and it’s reassuring and helpful to read about them. I hope you’re feeling better since you cut gluten out!

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